TTO – Although the Prime Minister has approved the export of medical masks and epidemic prevention equipment on the principle of ensuring sufficient domestic demand, many businesses admit that it is difficult to export due to procedural barriers.
Export mask rules, why? – Picture 1.

Even the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Industry and Trade also affirmed that, if the health sector did not relax or amend unreasonable conditions in the draft report on the export of medical masks (in the stage of COVID prevention -19) in the future, businesses (DN) will not be able to export medical masks, losing the “golden” opportunity for businesses in this field.

The Department of Industry met with the Import-Export Department, unanimously proposed to waive the licensing for the export of medical masks. Only need to bid to buy enough deficient masks to reserve at market prices, then allow enterprises to export unlimited.

Mr. Truong Thanh Hoai (Director of Industry Department, Ministry of Industry and Trade)